The albion adoption ritual can be used to adopt and thus ennoble witches and wizards.[1] The ritual itself is considered illegal due to unknown reasons.[2]

Ingredients Edit

  • A half liter blood of each participant
  • Ritual circles

The ritual Edit

Both participants have to be naked and use their blood to draw ritual circles. Next the following questions get asked:

Lord XXX, Lord by the Albion Magics, Head of the Noble House of XXX, do you accept to take a daughter/son of common birth to your house, to raise and protect her as if she were your own?

Lord XXX, lord by the Albion magics, Head of the Noble House of XXX, do you wish to grant a name in gift to your new child?

- The questions asked for the ritual

Additionally the sayings can be extended towards other family members.

"YYY, you have been offered elevation from the common to the Noble House of XXX Do you accept your new responsibilities to the Albion Family Magics — to honour your family, and to protect your new brother/sister/siblings?

- Extensions to the Albion adoption ritual

The effects Edit

After accepting those words a whirlwind of magic creates an albion ring for the recipients, their body features change closer to the family and they share real blood from their adopted parents.

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