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Angelystor was a pregnant ghost who was bound to the Llangernyw Yew in a graveyard in a tiny Welsh village and had been haunting there for the last 500 years. Harry Potter met her on his quest to find a yew tree for the wandmaterial of his new untraceable wand.[1]


Angelystor was a very lonely person because she didn't have a lot of contact with magical beings or mundane persons outside the small Welsh village. Due to that she liked to scare muggles on Hallows Eve because it became her only contact to anything. When she first met Harry she was due to the loneliness very friendly towards him. Later on she quickly became close to the harem with her bubbly personality while teaching them Divination. As a teacher she was further very patient and encouraging.


Angelystor was a powerful seer who was able to tell when other people would die. Additionally she had an extensible knowledge about the old art of Divination before the purge from the ICW. Besides that she had the usual ghost abilities.


Third time line[]

Meeting Harry arc[]

Angelystor was a magical witch with extensive knowledge in Divination. She visited one of the four minor schools and learned there to access her inner eye. When she was 21 she became pregnant with a local noble muggle, he killed her around the 16th century. As a ghost she was bound to a Llangernyw Yew in a graveyard and started to haunt people on Hallows Eve, when the non-magical were able to actually hear her once a year.

Her meeting with Harry was the first contact she had with anyone in over two hundred years and helped him immediately on his quest to get his much needed wand material. Both talked a little bit about Harry's prophecy and the beautiful girls he knew of.

Moving to Hogwarts and teaching Divination arc[]


The Llangernyw Yew is a real tree in the village of Llangernyw, Conwy, North Wales. According to legends it is inhabited by an ancient spirit known as Angelystor who shouts every year on Halloween the name of the persons who will die within one year. The word Angelystor means "Recording Angel" or "Evangelist" in Welsh. Interestingly, written folklore reliably refers to the Angelystor as male.


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    Harry met Angelystor for the first time.

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