• Sfu

    The DPaSW history by sfu in 2017

    December 22, 2017 by Sfu

    After sfu saw LeadVonE's year 2017 on his newest Patreon post, he decided to do something similar.

    In 2015 sfu learned about the glorious world of fanfiction and started to read Harry Potter as well as Naruto user created stories. Very soon he found out that over powered characters were to his liking and that canon Harry was a total wimp in comparison. His first endeavors began in the very liked Nightmares of the Future Past as well as less liked Methods of Rationality, followed by Harry Crow, the top 1 Harry Potter fic of the close minded sfu. That attitude changed quickly after reading I'm still here, which became his new to-go fic. 

    Over the next months sfu has been desperately looking for new OP Harry fics. He abused the search function, fou…

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