This is Magic invented specifically by Merlin for Magical Britain; it is known to extend beyond the British Isles to affect overseas British territory, though it is reportedly significantly weaker in New Zealand. In the modern era it gives elite families hundreds of years of magical history behind them, voting grounds as well as powerful noble rings that help to negate most magical attacks upon their minds.[1] The knowledge behind their function and creation has been apparently, lost for centuries, but it is generally known and assumed that there is one ward stone controlling all such magics placed somewhere in Albion.[2]

Family Magics Edit

This is part of the Albion magics. To ensure all of the most powerful magical families worked better together to unite Magical Britain by retaining their power and thereby decreasing chances of war.

Family secrets Edit

Family secrets were introduced so that certain knowledge would always stay within those of the clan. If revealed, the head of house would get notified of the breach of secrecy.[3]

Rule of Three Edit

The Rule of Three stipulates that for a new spell to become family magic it had to pass through three generations of heirs without being used by anyone not of the family's blood.[4]

Patents Edit

Spells, enchantments, rune clusters and similar arcane magicks can be all linked to family magic. If one wanted to use it outside their family, they could sign specific contracts for the duration of use which would be by definition temporary.[5]

Unions of Family Magicks Edit

Sometimes magics could be combined to produce something extraordinary and in that case you make an union. Especially patents could have hindered work and this overcame it.[6]

Noble House rings Edit

There are house rings for the Lords and Ladies as well as Heir rings. Each are soul bound which meant they can not be taken off by force alone. Each ring negates the effects of attacks like obliviation, mind-altering potions, confundus charms, and other mind altering magic upon the wearer.[7] Veritaserum is known to be useless against it.

The only known spell that the noble rings can not defend against is the unforgivable Imperius curse and due to that it became illegal to cast. The caster is punishable by law, to the highest extent, most often a 'trip' to Azkaban. Another function is the ring becoming visible or invisible on thought command. Additionally it is possible to create proxy rings, in the case a current Lord cannot come to a Wizengamot session.

Lordship Edit

Main article: Lordship

To claim a Lordship you have to be maleand blood related within three degrees of relation. Other known ways were a blood adoption ritual or the Right of Conquest as well as other unknown family magics.[8]

Talking Portraits Edit

All Talking Portraits in Magical Britain are controlled by the Albion Magics.

This is ostensible in fact that any and all knowledge has been declared forbidden to be disclosed to any who inquire abut it, by even the limited power that the Ministry of Magic has over the Family Magics.[9]

Wizengamot Edit

The Wizengamot chambers are controlled by the Albion family magics, giving every living and claimed Lord seat to discuss the (mostly political) issue/agenda of the day. The seats may be chaired by an appointed proxy, as long as the proxy wore a proxy ring.[10] There are currently 114 active seats in the Wizengamot.[11]

Mandatory meetings Edit

During the Summer and Winter solstice, all Lord families have to be represented, at the very least by proxy.[12]

References Edit

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