Magical Britain has four schools teaching young children up from eleven years old real magic. Before that students either went to a normal school or a pre-school for Light, Gray or Dark children.

Pre-Magical schooling Edit

People who know about magic also have school before going onto one of the four magical schools. Some halfbloods go to mundane schools, but other have pre-magical schooling taught by the several political fractions.

Light schooling Edit

The Light schooling used to be taught in Potter Manor by Lily Potter until she accepted the Potion's teacher position at Hogwarts. Children between six an ten years old visit it and there are usually 20 children around. The lessons focuse on political Light thinking when it comes to magic, and also normal school learning like writing and calculating.

Gray schooling Edit

Miss Davis teches the Gray children between six and ten years old.

Dark schooling Edit

No information available.

Tutoring Edit

Additionally some purebloods used tutors to teach their children Occlumency as well as sometimes wand based magics.

Magical schooling Edit

Hogwarts Edit

Main article: Hogwarts

Hogwarts is the premier school of Magical Britain having the largest curriculum of all four schools.

Madam Goose's Home for the Magically Gifted Edit

Main article: The Shoe

It is called the shoe, because it looks like a shoe. Clare Cooper goes to this school and it also allows older students to participate in it.

The Cornwall Academy Edit

The Cornwall Academy, also named the windmill, because it looks like a windmill.

St. Georges School of Magic Edit

Newest school of all four and called the Brick because it is just a large red-brick building, hidden from the muggles, near the docks. Daphne's Grandmother did sit here on the board of governors.

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