Enchantments are objects imbued with magic to copy certain or a variety of spells. Usually runes, ward stones and even blood are used to create powerful artifacts.

Known applications Edit

Dynamic space expansion Edit

Creating more space the moment when a person tries to move through a small space. It is used for the Hogwarts pipe system, so that any Parselmouth or larger snake beast can move through.[1]

Earpiece communication mirrors Edit

A device combined through different enchantments that allows two or more people to talk to each other over distances of up to five-hundred meters.[2]

Granger Magic Trunk Engine Edit

A trunk capable of generating a lot of power through water pressure.[3]

Magical space folding Edit

Main article: Magical space folding

Creating no space, when there was some, using a reverse expanding charm. Currently used to hide the Hogwarts Express line.[4]

Weasley family clock Edit

Main article: Weasley family clock

It tracks the location of all members of the Prewett line through the Albion family magics. Molly Weasley inherited it after her brothers died during the first Voldemort war. [5]

References Edit

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