Goblins are a magical race living in the underground. They had several wars with each other spilling over to the human world known as rebellions.[1] They are currently the safe-keepers of the wizarding gold and a loyal neutral entity when doing businesses. The Goblins are divided by clans and they have one king overseeing every clan so that the warrior race can prevail. They live in huge cities under Gringotts branches.

History Edit

Several wars have happened during the history of the Goblin of the story. Each time the wars spilt into the human world, they were labelled rebellions by the wizards.

Goblin clans Edit

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The whole goblin race is divided into warrior clans, battling each other for different rights. Despite the animosity between the different clans, they do work all together when it is for the Goblin race.[2]

Goblin king Edit

There is a goblin king who gets told every secret by every goblin clan. Due to that the different clans keep their and their accountants secret, but the king can still do decisions in favour of their race.

Goblin magic Edit

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Goblins aren't allowed to wear wand and instead have an own version of magic they use.

Gringotts Edit

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Gringotts is known as the wizarding bank but below each branch-office whole goblin villages were built for Goblins to live in.

References Edit

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