In the magical world one can cure almost anything. Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes were all easy. Dark magic and magical diseases were harder, but if one could stabilize the patient, one could work a cure. In total there were 150 life savers any healing wizard or witch had to learn and then they could work on a list to counteract the possible disease or illness.[1] Healing is a type of divination that survived the purging due to being too useful.[2]

Magical exhaustion Edit

Main article: Magical exhaustion

Magical exhaustion is caused by too many toxins being released into your body, due to casting too long.

Vanishing bones Edit

Main article: Vanishing bones

The spell is called 'ossa peribunt' and vanishes bones .

Vitals diagnosis charm chain Edit

A combination of five charms, which show five differently colored numbers.

References Edit

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