Plants and fungi make up the majority of magical energy brought into the magical world through the aether. Over ninety-five percent of all magic in the world comes from plants and fungi, most of the permanent wards use plants or fungi as their source of magic, and most potions use plants or fungi for at least one ingredient.[1]

Known applications Edit

Brazilian strangle vine. Edit

A parasitic plant. It attacks and feeds off the magic of other plants. It moves kind of like devil's snare. Voldemort uses it as symbol of hatred.

Huntsman's sorrow Edit

Main article: Huntsman's sorrow

Huntsman's sorrow was a wizard bred plant that could only germinate with wizarding help. It's used in healing and could amplify the effects of healing spells when applied to a deep wound.

References Edit

  1. Book 2 - TFoP - Ch. 17 - A Very Slytherin Muggleborn - 2/2,
    Prof. Sprout explaining the plants in the magical world.

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