In Magical Britain the Wizengamot acts as both the Legislature and the Judiciary. Additionally the laws of Magical Britain have different rule-sets due to the involvement of Albion Magic.

Prosecution Edit

The Judges in cases are members of the Wizengamot. The size of the panel depends on the specifics of the crime being judged for. Additionally veritaserum could only be issued and authorized by pureblood noble houses.[1]

Minor and Major favors Edit

Instead of going to court for illegal things that happened, houses can instead call in favors from another one, which they have to comply to the best of their abilities. That way issues can stay out of of public.[2]

 Usage of the Boy-Who-Lived moniker Edit

The Boy-Who-Lived is used as the main character name in many self-published books by Gilderoy Lockhart. Thus it is not an official title or name and not legible towards royalties.[3]

References Edit

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