Magical Britain had it's own traditions and special magic, unique to the country itself. Especially the Albion Magic could only be found within Magical Britain and nowhere else in the world.[1]

Albion magic Edit

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Newspapers & magazines Edit

There were three major magical newspapers called The Daily Prophet controlled by The Dark, Witch Weekly controlled by The Light and The Quibbler, controlled by the Gray.[2] There was also a magazine named Top Broom, which name seemed to have been inspired by the TV show Top Gear.[3]

Winter festival Edit

Wizards celebrate the winter solstice, which happens on the 21st or 22nd of December, and the winter festival, which takes place on the 23rd.[4]

Animagus hunt Edit

Tradition of the Gray. Formerly known as Unseelie Court, where faeries were hunted and killed. Nowadays it was like a fox hunting, where no one died.[4]

Yule Ball Edit

Tradition of the Dark, some families held Yule Balls during the winter festival week. The most prominent one was held by the Malfoys.[4]

Christmas party Edit

Tradition of the Light. Nothing special.[4]

Wizarding custom Edit

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Magical Britain has its own brand of Wizarding custom due to the Albion magic.

Enacting the statue of secrecy Edit

To enact the statue of secrecy, wizards went as far as removing memories or confunding muggle parents, usually after the children went home for one of the holidays. They were never allowed have a suspicious thoughts towards the magical world.

Magna Carta Edit

A law which forever broke the absolute right of the King to rule and also applies on Magical Britain.[5]

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