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All Hallows Eve Edit

At Halloween the boundaries between this world, and the world beyond the veil awere the weakest and allowed ghosts to communicate with muggles.

Aurorbolts Edit

A special brand of brooms aurors worldwide seemed to use.

Basilisk Edit

A thousand year old magically perfect killing machine. Harry had no intention to engage it until it was absolutely necessary. So until he had a good way to deal with it, he evadeded and contained it instead.

Book of Names Edit

An artifact used to determine the date of birth of a wizard or witch.

Facts Edit

Every country in the world had a wizarding counter part and to control other magicals to not trespass to their country without being detected, all of them had a wizarding controlled border with low powered wards to tell them if anyone had entered their country unannounced. Yet high powered wizards could still go undetected through them

Farming Edit

Acromantula Edit

They were farmed for their silk used in clothes

Dragons Edit

Dragons grew very quickly. The wizarding world used dragon in many different products: Dragon liver, dragon heartstrings, dragon blood, dragon hide etc. Most were butchered within their first year of living.

Unicorns Edit

Unicorns were farmed for their hair, blood and horn.

Phoenixes Edit

Very hard to domesticate. Only two people world wide owned one, Dumbledore and a New Zealand sports team.

Games Edit

Snitch shooting Edit

Small snitches flew in a restricted area and one were supposed to shoot them down with a stunner.

Quidditch Edit

Quaffle rule Edit

Each Chaser could only hold a Quaffle up for three seconds, before he got shocked by a lightning current, forcing him to drop the Quaffle

Snitch rule Edit

The Snitch only equated to 10% of the maximum points, rounded down. F.e. team A had 290 points and team B 310 points. If team A caught the Snitch, they only get 20 points and thus equaled the match 310 to 310. If team B caught it, they got 30 points and win 290 to 340.

Portkeys Edit

Sleep booths Edit

Luxurious recovery spaces, complete with sleeping potions — something only well off travellers could afford after traveling with a long distance portkey.[1]

Countries Edit

Mongolia Edit

Ongiin Khiid Monastery Edit

Ongiin Khiid Monastery was the center of the Magical Mongolia Community. Was a former destroyed muggle city 

Africa Edit

Uagadou School of Magic Edit

Uagadou's great hall wasn't anything like Hogwart's. While Hogwarts had four tables for their four houses, Uagadou had just one table — a table that wrapped around the edge of the massive circular space before spiraling in to the centre in ever tighter and tighter coils. Unlike Hogwarts in summer, this hall was bustling.

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