Different very specific laws that only exist within the Magical community and are considered to function worldwide.

Immigration contract Edit

A contract signed for a muggleborn to move into the magical world. Upon signing it, all papers and memories of people the person signing knew of, would be erased. After that you could not come back to your old mundane life.

International Statue of Secrecy Edit

No mundane person is allowed to become aware of the magical world. Both societies used to know about each other, but it changed after it was discovered muggles could come up with very dangerous technologies, which could destroy the magical community. After a huge obliviation rally both societies were finally split.

Slavery contracts Edit

The Wizengamot and ICW made actual slavery of human beings illegal, but magic didn't recognise those laws. You can still be enslaved by contracts, but it is illegal to do so. If it is found out, the courts could order the slave owner to break the contract or face extreme penalties.

Polyjuice Defense Edit

You could not say that you had seen someone committing a crime, unless you were hundred percent certain that polyjuice was not involved.

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