Rituals are another method of performing magic. Like wizards use wands, potions, and runes at Hogwarts — rituals are just another type. They can be very potent and dangerous because they sacrifice something in exchange for something else and were often permanent.[1] One also never interferes with outside magic over rituals.[2] That is why most rituals are done in special shielded rooms, and completely naked.[3]

Animagus ritual Edit

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After having had a mandrake leaf within the mouth for one month, one then built a special mind place. When doing the ritual, which needs a lot of Phoenix ash, one would experience the life of one's inner animal from birth to death within seconds, learning immediately how to become an animagus.

 Blood adoption ritual Edit

One could adopt people into their Albion Magic families with a ritual and were considered illegal.

Blood rune protection ritual Edit

You can use blood to encrypt enchanted devices, so no one can decipher them in any way and then copy them simply.

Halloween Edit

Halloween iss considered the turning of the tides between the light and the dark and that is why Halloween is the ideal night for many rituals that are considered borderline dark.[4]

Inheritance ritual Edit

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The inheritance ritual is used exclusively by the Goblin nation to find out whether a wizard has a wizarding ancestry.

Krazenkart ritual Edit

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The ritual of Krazenkart gives a witch the strength and power if she were born a male.

Lady ritual Edit

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Eases childbirth for the cost of all first six born children to be boys only.

Raising inferi ritual Edit

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The basic ritual to raise any sorts of inferi.

Stella Benedictio Edit

Uses a combination of ritual and astrological magics to grant a boon to the participants for the coming year. To make it work you need four dancing virgins and in the end stars will align themselves to something.

Unforgivable ritual Edit

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Is forbidden world wide by the ICW and the name of it is not disclosed yet. It doubles the flow of magic between the core and the body, grants immunity to magical toxins and allows the caster to force the almost total submission of any wand to themselves.

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