The Foundations of Power is the second book of eight books in the Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches series by James M. 'LeadVonE' Coombs. The first chapter of the book was first published in 2016 on various fanfiction sites.

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Harry, Daphne, and Hermione were off to Hogwarts, with their sights firmly set on the legendary artefact that could easily fund a dozen wars. But would all go according to plan?

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With Hermione Granger going to be sorted to Slytherin Daphne Greengrass and Harry Potter tried to do everything to not let her muggleborn status disclosed as early. An overeager Severus Snape still did it, dividing the Slytherin house due to that. Purebloods wanted to punish her for being a perfect pureblood with no such status and Harry had to intervene als Lord Slytherin to make everyone clear, that she had his full confidence.

With that problem out of the way Harry tried to find ways to get to the Philosopher's stone and could easily do it at any time because the Slytherin house shuned for being a Light Potter in the house notoriously known as The Dark. He used the infamous pipe network which allowed people to walk through by resizing itself. With Hermione and Daphne he came pretty close to the actual location of the stone, and also noticed that the security was revamped with new challenges comapred to the previous time line. One of the new securities was a the very dangerous chimaera.

On the infamous Halloween evening Lord Voldemort lured again the troll into the castle, but instead utilized the Basilisk to get through the different defences. He destroyed nearly everything but Harry and Voldemort were not able to get past the last defence of Albus Dumbledore, a distance measured fidelius. The closer you were, the more you forget about the secret. During the Basilisk attack Severus was petrified and Harry as Lord Slytherin later made The Bloody Baron head of house. While Harry was busy with the Basilisk, Hermione and Daphne helped to fight off the troll who tried to kill the muggleborn first year Sophie Roper. They did it in a fantastic fashion and the next day everyone could see their heroic deeds in the newspaper.

Along the days some Slytherins tried to trap and harm Harry, but he instead used that opportunity to enter himself into the Slytherin Duelling tryouts, proclaiming he would be able to beat the whole team by himself alone. On the day of the tryouts he did exactly that and showed everyone that he was the strongest duelist within the Slytherin house. After that people started to treat him with a lot of respect. Albus of course noticed the change and found out via subtle Legilimency that Harry was very strong and it worried him first a lot. But Minerca McGonnagal talking about John also managing to beat the Gryffindor team, placated him a bit, since both were obviously twins and thus similar in a lot of different things.

After the tryouts Harry figured out that by using the ghost Angelystor, she could teach everyone the old Divination ways, since shew was taught the old ways and died before the larger portions of it were banned worldwide. But he didn't know yet how to move her towards Hogwarts and tasked Alexandra Black to look for a way in the large Black family library. With the help of Luna Lovegood Alex was already putting a foot into Necromancy and trained together with her how to control ghosts and inferi. Harry also used the artifact he gifted Ginny to train with her in her dreams and secured the help of a forced muggleborn prostitute, Clare Cooper, so that she could power all the wards at the Granger house since one needed a magical being for doing exactly that.

Once Angelystor was moved near Hogwarts with the help of Alex, but not inside because a ghost council did not allow her to get in, the ghost tried to teach Harry, Hermione and Daphne. Only Harry's betrothed had the aptitude towards that special kind of magic. She soon learned to use a spell called Eye of Kilrogg, which could even look through warded areas and even the fidelius charms. With that "weapon" Harry, Hermione and Daphne managed to diffuse Albus' fidelius room and make an own hostile own for themselves. The headmaster tried to shut down the castle to stop any people running off with the stone, but failed to accomplish anything. Additionally the shutdown made everyone even more wary of his recent decisions, like having house elves spy on students.

At the duelling tournament both John and Harry managed to solo destroy the opposing teams of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff respectively. Once both of them started to fight against each other in the final round, everyone could see Harry being way better than his twin, but Albus used that opportunity to frame Harry for trying to kill John, with John's help. They managed to fake a situation due to which Harry was going to be tried before a court. To fool Albus, the prosecution lied to him that they would try to get Harry die through the veil, making Albus, who only wanted Harry gone for 3-4 years in Azkaban, change the way he would defend Harry as his attorney.

On the day of the trial the prosecution change its statements proclaiming Harry being completely innocent and thus allowing to use different items to prove Harry's innocence. In the end Harry won being proclaimed not guilty and some allies of the Light jumped ship from the Light to the Gray, helping Harry and the allied Dark to oust the headmaster from his headmaster position. At the same time Lord Voldemort realized that Harry must have been a Horcrux and having access to all his own memories. By kidnapping Tracey Davis he forced Harry to let go of his collected Horcrux's but Voldemort didn't realized those were real and destroyed them in a fit of anger thinking they were fake.

After the Hogwarts school ended Hermione's parents got all the illegal contraband they owned towards Harry's new island via a self built submarine and the help of Daphne and Hermione. Harry used the break instead to transport weapons towards warlords, earning diamonds and thus money for his investment. Harry's parents also went to the hall of prophecies because Dumbledore actually trying to send Harry to Azkaban, only to receive fake prophecy. It stated everyone losing it's magic if Harry were to defeats the dark lord, unless the parents controlled Harry. Thus once he was back in Britain, and visited Alex at her birthday, he agreed to go with his parents home to Potter manor.

Lucius Malfoy also wasn't idle. He realized that Harry and Lord Slytherin being most likely two different Horcruxs. On the diary Horcrux's order, Lucius gave the diary the possibility to possess a new body of a young Swedish girl, which he then also blood adopted into the Malfoy family with the help of Albion Blood magic. The new girl was named Virgo Malfoy and became the younger sister to Draco Malfoy.

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