The magic of transforming objects into alternate forms. For OWL levels only five spells are used to transfigure anything and out of those five, only one spell will be mostly used to transfigure stuff, the general transfiguration spell.[1]

Animagus transformation Edit

The animagus transformation is a part of the transfiguration branch and allows one person to transform into their inner animal.

Conjuration Edit

Spell casting to produce items or things made by magic itself. Since you needed to use a lot of magic, it lasted longer than transfigured items.[2]

General transfiguration spell Edit

To cast the general transfiguration spell one channels the ready magic through the wands with intent to affect the change, by channeling the spell into the object. Thus a transfigured object holds then spell within itself. When the magic in the object reaches zero, the object reverts back to its original form. Holding a transfiguration on 100g takes two milliflamels.[3]

Presence of magic spell Edit

For example you get to drink water, but in the end it was only wood turned into water. Because of that, after drinking the water, it would change in your body back to wood, once the magic in the spell is gone. To prevent such stuff happening, you can check if an object has magic.[4]

Switching Spell Edit

Considered 6th year Transfiguration. You imbue an object with your magic, doesn't matter how small it is. Then you can switch with it, even through obstacles.[5]

References Edit

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