The chapter was named The Book of Names - 2/2 and was the last part of a two part chapter.

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Harry sneaked into Hogwarts to trick the book of names.

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There are forces at work in the world, Lord Slytherin. Forces that could end up destroying the world you obviously care for.

- Dumbledore tried to warn Harry, but he already knew

Harry soon realized that the Potter cloak was not a normal demiguise-made cloak and did some experiments to check how it exactly worked. The only two things he found were that it's invisibility powers didn't fade, and that it was immune to the homenum revelion charm. Afterwards, Daphne and Harry went near Hogwarts to set up a fideliused location, but had to stop until they found a better place, due to Acromantulas interfering. They still found out that Hogwarts recognized Harry as Lord Slytherin and due to that, he had a lot of control over Hogwarts itself.

With that knowledge Daphne and Harry set up a plan to get to the class register in the book of names, while Dumbledore was at the mandatory summer solstice Wizengamot meeting. Daphne was there as well and used Harry's lightning bolt ring to communicate with Harry and telling him whether it was safe for him to move or not. Once she gave the start signal, Harry moved towards the Headmaster's office and changed his name in the class registry. He also used a killing curse on Fawkes, the phoenix, and grabbed all the produced ashes into a box, before looking into the pensieve and seeing a real memory of Trelawney's prophecy. Voldemort knew about it in the second time line, by Horcrux extension also Harry and thus decided to let Harry stay in Azkaban.

In the mean time Dumbledore got notified that someone entered his office, but could not immediately move out from the Wizengamot meeting. As soon as an opportunity arose, he fled the meeting and used the floo connection to his office. As Dumbledore came back to his office, Harry got under the Invisibility cloak, while using the cleaning charm to cover any evidence of him having been there. Harry tried to escape quietly, but realized that Dumbledore could follow him by detecting subtle magic in the air. He managed to escape on a shrunken broomstick from a tower.

Due to Slytherin's short haste, Dumbledore now knew that Lord Slytherin had knowledge about the prophecy and could enter Hogwarts without anyone detecting him. Based on that knowledge Dumbledore started to begin to strengthen the protections around the Philosopher's stone.

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