The chapter was named Straight From the Graveyard - 1/2 and was the first part of two part series.

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John Potter arrived back in time, ready to face his destiny. But something wasn’t quite right. 

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Unfortunately, that isn't an option. If you can't figure it out yourself, then I can't help you. Not that I want to.

- Ginny ignoring John

Harry looked over Ginny's and Luna's mock duel before asking Ginny, whether she would be really okay handling the next days alone, since John would be soon back from his time line. Ginny reassured him, that she wanted to do it alone, yet if shit hit the fan, he would still come to rescue her. Harry also visited his old home at Privet Drive where he came to an agreement with the Dursleys. They would pretend Harry lived there all along, got 30,000 pounds in cash and made the life of Lily Potter miserable, by calling her out on not taking care of Harry.

Next John came back from his own time line. He felt like a fraud for claiming to be the Boy-Who-Lived in the first time line, after Dumbledore explained him that Harry was actually the destined one to defeat the Dark Lord. But with Fate's interference he now knew, that he could still become a champion of her and thus had more confidence during his second run.

He also wanted to keep this time line as close as possible to the first one, and to repeat f.e. the Diary events as well as sending his weak brother Harry to Azkaban with his help again. But soon he found out, that this time line was different to his. For one a character called Lord Slytherin appeared in the political field and his former girl friend Ginny hated him, instead of doting on him. He also didn't get the invisibility cloak, but didn't ask his father about him, since he couldn't know about it. After visiting Ginny in person, he realized she had a very expensive hairpin disguised as a shrunken broomstick she could not have bought herself.

He feared she might have been controlled by potions or compulsion magic and contacted his godfather Sirius Black. He started an "investigation" where it was found out, that the hair pin had no mind compulsion magic on it, but had a passcode named "Harry's Awesome Broomstick".

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