This chapter was named Bonus - Hermione Goes Shopping and was released as a bonus chapter during the scheduled pause between Season 1 and Season 2.

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Hermione went shopping in Diagon Alley to get ready for Hogwarts. Of course, that’s not all she’s been doing there…

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"My lord says I am in need of the most beautiful and cleverest owl I can find — an owl who can find anyone, anywhere, and who is willing to be paid in mountain high stacks of bacon."


- A Hedwig fanon cameo

Today was day the Hermione Granger would finally take her first step into Diagon Alley and thus the wizarding world. Her parents jumped with fascination onto the magical world due to them being closet geeks, after Lord Slytherin explained to them all about the magical world. Her mother Emma Granger found interest in magical theory, due to having experience in theoretical physics, and her father Daniel Granger showed immense interest in Ancient Runes, courtesy of his engineering passion.

At the bathroom of the Leaky Cauldron both her parents changed into wizarding robes to be able mend into the crowd in Diagon Alley. After some reignited passion between the parents, all three stepped into the magical town and went straight to Gringotts. The family first confused a Goblin teller, by having Hermione handling herself like a perfect pureblood witch in muggle clothes, and the parents behaving like muggles in the best pureblood clothes. In Gringotts they met their new vault account manager, Ragnok Boneslicer in his office.

First took an inheritance ritual, which came out negative for Hermione, then made the House of Granger official with Daniel becoming the head of house and getting enchanted rings to save them from different compulsion magics, following the signing of the vassalage contract between house Granger and house Slytherin. In general it gave the Granger family lots of different protections, which muggleborn and lower level halfbloods usually never had in the magical world.

Next Hermione went alone to Madam Malkin's to buy her new robes and met Justin Finch-Fletchley, a muggleborn. She explained some stuff about wizarding culture and extended an offer to teach him at Hogwarts about the Do's and Dont's in Magical Britain. Following she went to Ollivander's to get her new wand, a 15inch dragon heartstring core with ash wand which excels in healing. While being there she tried to pretend to be a random muggleborn and failed due to numerous things, mainly because of wearing the Slytherin vassalage pennant.

After that the Granger family bought books on arithmancy, ancient runes as well as healing. They stored everything in a newly purchased library trunk and at the very end Hermione bought a distinctive white owl, which in the previous time line belonged to John Potter.

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