The chapter was named Greetings, I am Lord Slytherin - 1/2 and was the first part of a two-chapter series.

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Harry reached out to his first potential ally in Magical Britain.

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"Oh come on Jacob!", she cried, exasperated. "Can't you see what's going on here? If John were the defeater of You-Know-Who, he'd be Lord Slytherin. He isn't. Harry is.

- Harry creating his usual havoc

Lord Greengrass, leader of the Neutrals was steadily losing political cloud to the Light and Dark. The Light, on the one hand, wanted to control the magical world completely, destroying anything that could be deemed dangerous, not caring about any traditions. The dark, on the other hand, wanted only magical people with magical background to be allowed in their world, at the same time enslaving or eradicating the rest completely. The Neutrals way to keep the status quo, was starting to lose them members to the more engaging sides.

Harry, masqueraded as Lord Slytherin, contacted the returning Jacob Greengrass from a Wizengamot session in Diagon Alley and showed him his Slytherin lordship ring. Harry managed to get a meeting Jacob the very next day at Jacob's manor under the pretext, to solve nearly all his political problems after he confirmed he wasn't a resurrected Lord Voldemort. The next day Harry met the whole family alongside the daughters Daphne and Astoria Greengrass and explained during the meeting the current problems the Neutrals had, re-branded them as the Gray and told Jacob and Sunny Greengrass his vision of the magical world.

Harry wanted anyone worthy of powerful magic to lead, no matter the origins or descents. For that, he'd use the Gray section of the Wizengamot with him as the leader. To show his strength as a passable chief of the Gray, and impromptu duel was started which Harry won convincingly. After that, he discussed with Jacob the upcoming plans for the Gray and revealed himself as Harry Potter as well as the real Boy-Who-Lived due to his Slytherin lordship by conquest.

He claimed Dumbledore with the infamous prophecy to be the reason for his parent's abandonment and for everyone to believe John to be the Boy-Who-Lived. Dumbledore didn't want another magical to become as strong as Voldemort and set a lot of things up to make that impossible. Next to that, he informed them of Voldemort still being alive and thus making the overall situation with him more complicated.

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