James and Lily Potter were just saying goodbye to the last of their guests. The 1992 Potter Family Christmas Party had been another resounding success. Only the Blacks and Weasleys, family friends, stayed behind to help clean up. Normally the House Elves would do it but the Potters gave them the night off, told them to clean up after the less fortunate. Everyone quickly split into groups to tackle the chores more efficiently. Arthur, James, and Sirius, Molly and Lily, Percy, Fred and George, John and Ron, and Ginny, Harry, and Alex.

After the cleaning was done everyone made their way back to the Sitting Room for a cuppa before retiring for the night. There they came upon a scene that caused mixed reactions. Ginny and Alex were curled up into Harry’s sides, each head claiming a shoulder with an arm wrapped around his midsection and softly snoring. Harry himself was staring into the fire a soft smile on his lips while slowly stroking each girls hair.

Arthur found himself thinking deeply about what Lord Slytherin had told him just a few short months ago.
James was grinning like mad proud of his son’s skill with the ladies.
Sirius was torn between pride in Harry and protectiveness towards Alex.
Molly and Lily were wishing they had a camera to preserve the adorable sight.
Percy was wondering when they were leaving he had better things to do.
Fred and George were also wishing they had a camera... this was great blackmail potential.
John was SEETHING that anyone would DARE touch HIS girl.
And Ron wasn’t really paying attention far more concerned if there were any leftovers he could eat

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