The Fidelius is a spell to hide the knowledge of an object.

Usage Edit

To make a fidelius place, you need to place wards to set up a perimeter and then cast a charm.[1] The spell can be applied by strong wizards and one wizard had a limited amount of fidelius he could apply. By applying the fidelius one uses part of it's soul and thus it limited the amount.[2] The secret could be revealed by saying the secret, someone reading the secret on a piece of paper or using a spell within the fideliused area and someone seeing it coming out of it.[3] Additionally wand-tracing doesn't work under a fidelius.[4]

One of the theorised weaknesses of the fidelius charm is that the more you knew about the area under the fidelius, the stronger its power was. By knowing less, you could technically faster find about it than someone who knew more.[5]

Known casters Edit

Current and former Fidelius locations Edit

Harry Potter Edit

Cast at Current Unknown Former
Between July 31st and September 1988 The selfmade cave in the Hebrides
The hole in the Weasley's orchard
First attempt to get the book of names
Outside Potter house to steal the invisibility cloak
Hogsmeade apartment
Next to mirror room
To escape the Aurors after his drug dealer got busted
Winter Festival 1991 Shrieking Shack
Mirror room
Alex's libray
Granger workshop on Gairsay Island
Basement in Slytherin Manor
Chamber of Secrets entrance

References Edit

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