Goblin clans always have one leader and battle for vault rights.

Boneslicer clan Edit

Accountants of the Slytherin and Granger vaults. Battled for the rights of the Slytherin vault against the Gooldtooth clan and won it.[1] Next to the Goblin king they know that Harry time travelled, but did not mention John Potter yet. They helped building Slytherin manor and later for Harry to find the source of the prophecy.[2]

Members Edit

  • Ragnok Boneslicer - Clan leader
  • Floating-Interest - Ragnok's daughter
  • Junk-Bond[3]

Accounts Edit

  • Slytherin
  • Granger

Goldtooth clan Edit

Members Edit

  • Goldtooth - Clan leader
  • Convertible-Security
  • Balanced-Payments

References Edit

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