The Granger Magic Trunk Engine is an Enchantment.

It consists of two box which are each one meter square long, charmed unbreakable, and have a small hole. A wizard or witch sits in a chair and puts his/her hands through the holes of the trunks. They then shrink one of the trunks. When the trunk shrunken, it creates a vacuum in the unbreakable box, which draws water in from the sea outside through an unbreakable one-way valve.Then, when the wizard unshrinks the same trunk, the water is forced out through a different one way valve, into the main pipe, and through a twenty centimeter circular hole at 37 meters a second. By quickly alternating between the two boxes, constantly shrinking and expanding, it creates a constant flow of high pressured water, producing almost fifty horse power of forward thrust. That way it can propel 12 baths full of water within one second

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