The Board of Directors, also known as the board of Governors in canon, is a group of up to 10 people deciding on different subjects within Hogwarts.

Jurisdiction Edit

The board of directors can appoint a new headmaster[1], change the Hogwarts curriculum[2] and decide on the guardianship of Muggleborn attending Hogwarts.[3]

Members Edit

Gray Edit

  • Lord Slytherin
  • Lord Greengrass
  • Lord Woodcroft
  • Lord Smith

Dark Edit

  • Lord Malfoy
  • Lord Parkinson

Light Edit

  • Lord Potter
  • Lord Black
  • Lord Hawking
  • Lord Blott
  • Lord Fowley

Chairman Edit

  • Ambrosius Flume

Former members Edit

Light Edit

  • Lord Smith[4]

References Edit

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  2. Book 2 - TFoP - Ch. 30 - Securing the Area...,
    a voting did not pass to update the muggle curriculum.
  3. Book 3 - NRiCaD - Ch. 39 - The Little Trials of Virgo Malfoy,
    Lord Slytherin did not get the muggleborn guardianship.
  4. Book 2 - TFoP - Ch. 33 - The Philosopher's Prophecy,
    Lord Slytherin successfully persuades Lord Smith to join the Gray.

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