The inheritance ritual dates back to the fifteen hundreds and the founding of Gringotts. It uses a combination of Gringotts records and the Albion family magics to place a person within a family line, and highlighted any titles, or inheritances they were eligible for.

Ingredients Edit

  • A runic chalice
  • A single drop of blood

The ritual Edit

It is one of the more basic rituals used in modern wizarding society, requiring but a single drop of blood to be sacrificed into a purpose made runic chalice. The ritual is owned by the goblin nation, and may only be carried out by citizens of said nation.[1]

References Edit

  1. Book 1 - RiBSR - Ch. 13 - Bonus - Hermione Goes Shopping,
    Hermione Granger gets her house rings at Gringotts and explains the ritual.

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