The magical power of one person is dependent on the size of the magical core, which itself is under normal circumstances dependent on the body size of the magical wielder, as well as the speed with which raw magic is transformed into ready magic, on the fitness of the wielder[1] and how fast a wand can use that ready magic. The lumos charm is used to measure ones magical power.[2]

Power level Edit

In this story aurors are a power unit as described by Harry when explaining Lord Voldemort's power level. Based on that is the following power level list made:



1st Lord Voldemort 4.5
2nd Albus Dumbledore 4.25
3rd Harry Potter 2
4th Luna Lovegood 1
5th Virgo Malfoy 0.6
6th Ginny Weasley 0.55
7th Alexandra Black 0.5
8th Hogwarts graduate 0.5
8th Hermione Granger 0.35
9th Daphne Greengrass 0.3
10th Auror security trainee 0.2

References Edit

  1. Book 3 - NRiCaD - Ch. 43 - Daphne's Birthday, Work and Play - 2/2,
    Hermione Granger explains that by doing a lot of fitness, she can wield more magic.
  2. Book 2 - TFoP - Ch. 16 - A Very Slytherin Muggleborn - 1/2,
    LeadVonE answered in the A/N that the lumos spell measures the users magical power.

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