Itunes podcasts Edit

With the addition of Itunes-podcasts one can now get automatic updates on new DP&SW audio chapters via the itunes podcasts system. For people who are not using an apple device, we explain here how to still use the podcasts without installing any itunes products. As usual all audio chapters can be still found normally on LeadVonE's personal website.

Android Edit

Go to the Google playshop, search for "itunes podcasts" and chose any of the recommended apps. Once it is installed add the following link to subscriptions:

After that all episodes will be available for download and it'll automatically update with new ones.

Linux Edit

On Linux you can use the application Rhythmbox. You simply install the package via the instructions found here:

Following, you open the program, you go to Podcasts and you search for this link:

Next, you click on subscribe and you'll be able to download all the files. Whenever new audio-files get uploaded, they'll get automatically downloaded

Windows Edit

You can either download Itunes for Windows, Juice, gPodder, MediaMonkey or whatever similar software you find. In all cases you add the following link to subscriptions:

Finally, whenever you start your program of choice, you'll get automatic updates on new chapters to download.

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