Of all the necromantic arts, the most elemental, is the raising of a magical being under the binding of the raiser. The raised, known as inferi, will obey the will of the raiser to a certain degree in the large numbers, and to a greater degree in the small numbers. A total control can be attained over a single inferius through a method similar in the practice to that most potente of all dark mind magics, the imperius curse.

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The ritual - stage one Edit

The ritual to raise inferi requires a moste powerful wizzard and much practice and deliberations. The ritual in the first phase animates the corpse, and reconciles its core with that which has passed on. The caster has to use a central foci and a deathly hallow circle drawn with the casters own blood. Additionally as much chicken blood as big the upcoming inferi will become.

The ritual - stage two Edit

The ritual in the second phase binds the now animated corpse to the wizzard's will, but only in so much as the wizzard be powerful and the corpse be fresh. If the wizzard fails in this phase, beware, for the beast will run riot across all in sight until the ritual's magics run down and die out.

The ritual - stage three Edit

The ritual in the third and final phase opened the now inferius' core to the aether and allows the being to exist apart from the now master's magic.[1]

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