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Chapter 40 Edit

Virgo Malfoy killing Edit

In CH 35 Bonus - Blood Money and Blood Magic Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy “acquired” a young muggleborn girl by the name of Julia Olsson. Narcissa used a Black Family Ritual to bind the diary horcrux’s soul to her, then Lucius used a Blood adoption ritual on her, thus Virgo Druella Malfoy was born. Harry needs every bit of Voldemort’s soul destroyed before he can be killed and so tasked Ginny and Luna with Virgo’s death not realizing Julia still lives. At the end of CH 40 Ginny goes off alone to confront Virgo because Luna was incapacitated. So what will happen? Will Ginny be able to kill Virgo? Will something happen to prevent a finishing blow from being struck?

Theory 1Edit

Ginny will actually succeed and Virgo will die, both Tom and Julia.

Theory 2Edit

Ginny will be unable to go through with the killing and retreat.

Theory 3 Edit

Ginny will realize the original soul is still alive and leave to tell Harry. Then Harry will have Alex remove Tom’s soul and Julia will get her body back but still be Virgo Malfoy.

Theory 4 Edit

Virgo will fight Ginny off and Ginny will have to retreat.

Theory 5 Edit

Virgo will kill Ginny.

Theory 6 Edit

Virgo will have the Basilisk petrify Ginny.

Theory 7 Edit

Harry’s wards he set up at the beginning of book 3 will alert him and he will interfere.

Theory 8 Edit

Tom used to have feelings for Myrtle Warren or as she is known now Moaning Myrtle who haunts the bathroom Virgo is heading for and she will interfere.

Theory 9Edit

Ginny will succeed in killing Virgo but afterwards will somehow find out about Julia, possibly from Julia becoming a ghost, and will suffer from guilt issues.

Theory 10 Edit

Ginny will dominate the fight, but then Tom shares Julia's secret to dissuade Ginny from killing him by manipulating her one way or another.

The hate potion theories Edit

Theory 1 Edit

Susan to hate John. We know John is courting her, or wants to. Might be another blow against him, so that Virgo could control John easier. He is already sad/angry about Ginny.

Theory 2 Edit

John to hate Susan. Same as above, just so Virgo could have John for himself

Theory 3 Edit

Ginny to hate Harry/Luna. To make things more interesting

Theory 4 Edit

Some of the muggleborn? Virgo knows Lord Slytherin wants the guardianship of them.

Theory 5 Edit

Ron to hate John. Another blow against him, separation of the Gryffindor house

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