Tom Marvolo Riddle.

That had been his name once, shared with his pathetic muggle father and a borderline insane grandfather. He had killed with his name, bound people to his whims, stood above the squabbling Purebloods and lorded his half-blood status over them.

Yet here he stood, ready to give it all up.

Looking into the ornate mirror, its enchantments flared to life as it assessed the silvery tresses tumbling to the small of her back. The dress hugged her figure, accentuating her beauty. It had once belonged to Lady Lily Potter, but had been bestowed upon her as a gift for marrying her eldest son.


Ah. There she was.

Julia had been quiet for some time now. And he knew why. Every woman dreamt of getting married. Planning everything meticulously and to perfection. Yet Julia had made no such preparations. Her body was his to be used as he saw fit.

Tom Marvolo Riddle might have changed his name and gender.

But he’d always be the same at heart.

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